Elsa Prada's homepage

Elsa circa 2022
C/ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 3, E-28049 Cantoblanco, Madrid, Spain
Office: 346 — Tel.: (+34) 91 334 9080
E-mail: elsa.prada@csic.es

Hi! My name is Elsa Prada and I'm a condensed matter theorist working on systems where quantum phenomena play an important role, such as low dimensional materials and nanostructures. See my research interests below.

Since 2020 I belong to the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (which is part of the Spanish Research Council) as a tenured scientist. Within the department of Theory and Simulation of Materials, our group is called Quantum Dynamics of Materials (QUDYMA). Currently I am Chief of the Theory department.


Research interests

Throughout my career, my research has dealt with the following topics:

  • Topology in electronic systems

    • Topological insulators

    • Topological superconductors

    • Majorana zero modes in hybrid nanowires, quasi-Majoranas

  • Graphene and other 2D crystals

    • Monolayers, multilayers, twisted bilayers, superlattices

    • Disorder

    • Magnetotransport, quantum Hall effect

    • Spintronics, pseudospintronics, valleytronics

    • Quantum pumping, out of equilibrium phenomena

    • Elastic deformations, folded nanoribbons, straintronics

    • Excitons, optoelectronics

  • Electron and spin transport in mesoscopic systems

    • Hybrid nanostructures with superconductors, Josephson effect

    • Spintronics, spin-orbit interaction, spin relaxation

    • Current fluctuations and Full Counting Statistics

  • Entanglement in condensed matter physics

    • Generation: non-local spin-entangled electron pairs from superconductors, other entanglers...

    • Evolution: in the presence of decoherence and spin-orbit interaction

    • Detection: by means of Bell inequalities, shot noise, concurrence